New colleague / new measuring system / receiver mounted units with fridge dryer

Receiver mounted units with fridge dryer

New colleague in Spain
On the 1st of May, José Collado joined the SCC team, a Senior expert for the support of the Spanish market. With his many years of experience in the field of Air Treatment for BEKO and his experience in the compressed air market as an employee at ALMiG, he is familiar with all aspects of the compressed air market. He will help us to better serve the many inquiries we receive from the Spanish and to give more targeted support to our local Spanish customers.

New measuring system for measurements according to ISO 1217
Ever since the diesel crisis in the automotive industry, everyone is aware of how important it is to comply with the published technical data in reality. That’s why we purchased our own measuring system from TetraTec in Steinenbronn, Germany. The company TetraTec mainly supplies flow measuring systems for air and gases to the automotive industry. The flow rate is measured with laminar flow elements according to the Hagen-Poiseuille principle and works with an accuracy of + /- 0.65%. The investment, in the five-digit Euro range, will help us to provide our customers with accurate & reliable data on volume flow and specific energy consumption.

Receiver mounted units with fridge dryer “Made in Germany”
Our receiver mounted units with fridge dryer “Made in Germany”, exhibited for the first time at the exhibition in Hanover, met with great interest. With receivers from European manufacture, and as an option manufactured to AD 2000 regulations, as well as dryers and filters also from European manufacture, these units can now be customised, configured and assembled in our factory in Wendlingen. The moderate additional costs for “Made in Germany” are quickly amortised by extended inspection intervals of the receivers by the authorised agencies and thus reduce costs.